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Articles tagged with: Smart Home

2 Wireless Motorized Shades for Your Home

All the Luxury of Motorized Shades with No Hassle at All

2 Wireless Motorized Shades for Your Home

Motorized shades are a great addition to any home. Their stylish fabrics can elevate a home’s design, plus they’re convenient, easy to control, and can brighten up a space with natural light. However, many motorized blind solutions can also be difficult to install. Of course, there are wires involved, which sometimes make it challenging to integrate, especially if your home is already built and finished. Keep reading to see why battery-powered motorized window treatments may be the right fit for your Greenwich, CT, home. 

How a Savant Smart Home Enhances Everyday Living

Bring Your Dreams to Life with Smart Home Automation

How a Savant Smart Home Enhances Everyday Living

Whether you’re just looking into smart homes or have been a long-time fan, you’ve probably heard of Savant. This leading brand in home automation systems continues to define what’s possible, remaining one of the industry leaders in smart home innovation and design for luxury homes and estates. 

Are you ready to create a happier, healthier, and better lifestyle for yourself and your family in Chappaqua, NY? If so, it starts at home, the place where you relax, work and play, and Savant can help you get there.

The Backbone of Your Smart Home: A Robust Home Network

Learn the Signs That Suggest Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade

The Backbone of Your Smart Home: A Robust Home Network

If you’ve experienced the luxurious ease of smart home technology at home in Westchester County, NY, you may wonder how you lived without it. Shades raise and lower throughout the day, lights settle into the perfect hue, the temperature adjusts automatically, and your home welcomes you with exquisite music that fills each room and outdoor space. And all this occurs without touching a thing. 

Of course, your smart home does much more than create the perfect environment. It also protects you with a robust security system and provides hours of fun and entertainment with the ultimate 4K HDR technology, online gaming, and your favorite streaming playlists.

A smart home transforms your everyday tasks and takes daily living into the realm of the surreal. Yet, we sometimes take the backbone of this remarkable system for granted, the home networking system. 

The home network keeps each device connected to your automation system and to each other. Without it, we would go back to switching our lights on, setting our temperatures, and controlling our audio-video equipment from separate devices in every room.

Experience an Unprecedented Ease of Living with Savant

The Savant Home Automation System Delivers a Luxurious Day-to-Day Lifestyle

Experience an Unprecedented Ease of Living with Savant

At Phoenix Audio Video, we provide our clients with automated systems that transform their daily lives. To accomplish this, we partner with best-in-class brands that utilize the latest technology to offer unrivaled ease of living. In the world of home automation, that brand is Savant. 

As a Savant dealer, we understand the many intricacies of a Savant smart home system, which offers customized solutions for every size estate. The founder's vision aligns with our mission to provide luxury products through technological firsts in an easy-to-use format. 

Let’s explore a few of Savant’s features and how they’re transforming homes in Chappaqua, NY.

Crestron Home Brings Your Ideal Smart Home to Life

Choosing This Premier Automation System Gives You Limitless Control of Your Home

Crestron Home Brings Your Ideal Smart Home to Life

A smart home offers the luxury of bringing your concept of what a home should be to your reality. Your home can work with how you live, waking you by opening the shades and playing music to energize the start of your day. Set your lights to match the day or automatically transition through the evening with warm hues to set your mind for bed. Your home automation system works with your needs and improves peace of mind.

When you think of the premier name in home technology, Crestron should come to mind. The company partially invented the smart home category, continually creating industry-leading innovations since its founding in 1971. Their decades of experience in developing products have culminated in the Crestron Home line. The platform is streamlined while becoming more powerful, flexible, and faster to implement. 

Are you ready to see how Crestron Home can enhance your Westchester County, NY home and lifestyle? Read more below to find out.




The network is the essential infrastructure of the modern home; nearly all our smart home elements rely on the network in some way to communicate.

Wi-Fi is the standard of today’s home network installations, supplemented by wired connections for utmost security and reliability.And while wireless connections are the most convenient method of connecting, they can also often be unreliable. That is until now.

802.11ax, or more commonly called Wi-Fi 6, is a stunning step forward in wireless data networking. The devices and standards are built with high-density internet of things (IoT) and high-definition 4K and 8K streaming devices specifically in mind. 

Excited to see how Wi-Fi 6 can make your Westport, CT home network faster, safer, and more reliable? Read more below.

How Connected is Your Home?

It Might Be Time for Smart Home Control

How Connected is Your Home?

Have you and your family ever taken the time to count the number of devices in your home? Not just the smart ones, but every device including speakers, lights, door locks, security cameras, window blinds, and appliances. Now imagine for a moment if all of those devices could communicate, each sending you information and taking your directives. This is not the realm of science fiction, but rather the land of smart home control.

Westchester County, New York residents who want greater control over the devices in their home need not look any further than the automation experts at Phoenix Audio Video & System Integration. Over the next several months, we’ll be feature an array of articles to help you discover some of the coolest capabilities of a smart home. Read on to learn more about the basics of automation.