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Phoenix Audio Videocombines high-end audio systems with home automation to deliver the best systems available for home theaters and music in Fairfield, CT.

Immerse Your Home in Sound That Defines Audio Excellence

Bring High-Fidelity Sound to Your Whole-Home Audio and Home Theater Systems

Immerse Your Home in Sound That Defines Audio Excellence

At Phoenix Audio Video, we combine our expert-level knowledge in high-fidelity audio with our years of experience with smart home integrations. The result is sound reproduction as the artist intended, whether it is filling your home with the songs of your favorite musicians through a distributed audio system or hearing all the nuances of a movie’s soundtrack as if for the first time in your home theater.

While we work with many high-end audio brands, one of our favorites is Focal. So let's take a look at what this industry leader in high-fidelity sound reproduction can bring to your home in Fairfield, CT.