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Phoenix Audio Video offers smart home solutions like Savant Power in Greenwich, CT, and the Tri-state area. 

Take Control of Your Home & EV’s Energy with Savant Power

A Deeper Dive into Savant Power Systems & How They Work

Take Control of Your Home & EV’s Energy with Savant Power

Savant is determined to change the way homeowners power their homes and vehicles. Originally known for its home automation systems, Savant has expanded into home energy management with Savant Power and Savant Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers

When you own a Savant Power system, you’re no longer reliant on the whims of the power grid. Savant Power modules can be retrofitted into any electrical panel, making it ‘smart.’ From there, you’ll monitor and control your panel’s activity through the Savant app. You’ll choose where backup power goes (from home batteries or generators) and ensure you’re connected to power when you need it most. 

Whether you’re concerned about the planet, want to save on energy bills, go off-grid, or all the above, learn how Savant Power can help your Greenwich, CT, home.