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Smart Home Control Translates to Effortless, Luxurious Living

Control Almost Every Device in Your Home with Just the Tap of Your Finger

Smart Home Control Translates to Effortless, Luxurious Living

Have you considered a smart home control system for your Harrison, NY, home? Or maybe your friends have been discussing the incredible features in their new home automation system, and you realize it may be time for an upgrade. 

While home automation has been taking the world by storm, many have yet to experience these systems' incredible life-altering effects. The fear of technology hampers some. Most, however, simply don't know what they're missing.

Let’s explore the latest innovations and why the number of smart homes in the U.S. market is expected to reach over 77 million by 2025.

What Makes Josh.ai Different from Other Voice Control Platforms?

Introducing Voice Control Made for the Luxury Smart Home

What Makes Josh.ai Different from Other Voice Control Platforms?

With popular voice control platforms from brands like Amazon and Google on the market today, you may wonder what sets Josh.ai apart from the rest. Is Josh just another smart speaker to add to the list? The shorter answer is no, and the longer answer is written in our blog below.

So, what makes Josh different than Alexa and Google Assistant? Designed and engineered specifically for home automation, Josh.ai is a privacy-focused smart home control system that offers an effortless way to command your Westchester County, NY home through natural interfaces like voice and touch.

That’s just the beginning. Keep reading to learn what sets Josh.ai apart.

Why A Smart Home Control Upgrade Is A Smart Choice

System Upgrades, Outdoor AV, Home Theaters, and Fast Wi-Fi: All Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Automation System

Why A Smart Home Control Upgrade Is A Smart Choice

Enhance your living experience by upgrading your smart home control system. If you’re spending more time at your home in Fairfield County, CT, then it’s time to make your automation system even more advanced and customized. There are so many options at your disposal too. From remote monitoring plans and network/Wi-Fi upgrades to outdoor AV enhancements and home theater installation, you can make your home better than before!

A fully automated home dramatically improves the way you do business and enjoy the finer things in life. Read more to discover four ways to improve your smart home system.

How Connected is Your Home?

It Might Be Time for Smart Home Control

How Connected is Your Home?

Have you and your family ever taken the time to count the number of devices in your home? Not just the smart ones, but every device including speakers, lights, door locks, security cameras, window blinds, and appliances. Now imagine for a moment if all of those devices could communicate, each sending you information and taking your directives. This is not the realm of science fiction, but rather the land of smart home control.

Westchester County, New York residents who want greater control over the devices in their home need not look any further than the automation experts at Phoenix Audio Video & System Integration. Over the next several months, we’ll be feature an array of articles to help you discover some of the coolest capabilities of a smart home. Read on to learn more about the basics of automation.