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Preserve the Beauty of Your Home with Hidden Technology

TVs and Speakers That Disappear Make Your Interior Design Shine

Preserve the Beauty of Your Home with Hidden Technology

Movies, TV shows, and musicare vital elements of our lives. The content gives us time to reflect, decompress, provoke thought, and energize the moment. The modern smart home furnishes more ways to access content seamlessly, at the touch of a button or with the sound of your voice. 

Distributing content throughout your home enables you to watch anything, anywhere, at any time. However, just because you have televisions, controllers, and speakers in every room does not mean these pieces need to dominate visually. As a Savant dealerwe know how to blend technological sophistication that works with your aesthetic and is effortless to manage.

Are you ready for audio and video solutions that deliver the highest quality without interfering with the look of your New Canaan, CT home? Read below to learn more.

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Hide-Away Televisions

Keeping informed and entertained means we have TVs in every room. While the manufacturer takes great pains to endow 4K TVs with style, the results often clash with home décor. You do not need to sacrifice the aestheticof a space or disruptyourdécor in place of watching your shows. Have the best of both worlds by hiding the televisions when not in use.

The look of your rooms isessential; you and your designers worked to create spaces that give you comfort and are pleasing to the eye. Maintain this aesthetic by concealing the television behind artwork that lifts out of the way when needed and conceals your display when it’s not in use. In the same way you control shades, motorized lifts keep your displays tucked away. With a touch of a button, the units come down from the ceiling or rise at the foot of the bed. You can even catch up on the morning news with a hidden TV that camouflages as a framed mirror when turned off.

Music That Is Heard, Not Seen

Multiroom audiogives you the power to set the mood, createambiance, or add some pep with music anywhere or everywhere in your home. You may think that deep, rich, and clear audio that moves you requires large units that take up floor space or protrude from the walls. But that’s not always true! If you believe that the music should be heard but not seen, we have excellent options.

Ceiling speakers mountwithin your surfaces, sitting behind paintable grills that lie flush against yourceilingsDirectional components allow for complete coverage, filling the room with audiophile-quality sound and enveloping you in the music. For entirely invisible speakers, units can be installed behind your surfaces and generate the same stunning quality without breaking architectural lines. 

Sophistication with Savant Control 

Smart home control interfaces have evolved from bulky touch screens that take up counter space or protrude from walls into sleek panels, sophisticated keypads, and even handheld remotes. Savant is built upon intuitive and future-friendly products, understanding that the homeowner's experience is paramount. With Savant, you can effortlessly control music and movies from your device of choice. Plus, you can alsodim the lights, close the shades, lock the doors,andensure the security system is set from the same interface. 

For hands-free control, use the power of your voice. Using simple, straightforward voice commands allows you to choose your TV channel or music playlist and where you want to enjoy it, lower the volume,or pause the movie. Plus, you can perform other smart home functions with your voice as well.Savant gives you complete control without the clutter. 

Are you interested in learning how we blend beauty and technology for a better-looking home? Get started today by reaching out here or calling (203) 338-0706.