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Ensure your smart home system stays connected around the clock by signing up for our remote monitoring service. Learn about the benefits in our blog series.

The Best Way to Keep Your Smart Home Disruption-Free

Our Remote Monitoring Service Ensures You’re Always Connected

The Best Way to Keep Your Smart Home Disruption-Free

Technology can be fallible—no matter how robust your home network and smart home system is. Unforeseen events, such as a power outage or ISP service interruption, can take your devices offline in seconds, resulting in a disrupted movie night, dropped conference call with your work team, or worse.

When connectivity issues occur, you shouldn’t be responsible for troubleshooting the problem. In fact, you should be able to rely on your network and smart home system around the clock!

That’s why we will begin offering subscription-based remote monitoring service solutions for customers in Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT, and beyond that allow our smart home professionals to monitor and manage your network and systems from afar. Below, learn about this remote monitoring service solution and how it benefits you.