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Keep your entire house connected with a strong, reliable home network setup that spans your entire property. Learn more here!

Embracing a Multi-Gig Home Network Setup for Gigabit Internet

Speed Up Your Home Network with These Solutions

Embracing a Multi-Gig Home Network Setup for Gigabit Internet

If you work from home, frequently stream your entertainment, play online games, or own a lot of IoT devices, you need a robust, updated network to handle it all. High-bandwidth activities like video conferencing and 4K streaming put significant strain on your network—especially in larger homes with many smart devices. 

So what can be done? If you’d like faster internet and you’re reading this, maybe you’ve heard the buzz around gigabit internet. Gigabit internet sends data at up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps)—nearly ten times faster than the national average network speed. 

To take advantage of this lightning-fast internet service, you’ll need the right hardware in your home network setup. Here’s how to get started with gigabit internet in Darien, CT.