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Voice-controlled light combines Lutron’s lighting systems with Josh.ai’s architectural microphone, producing the ability to manage your home’s lighting effortlessly. 

Lutron and Josh.ai Offer the Power of Voice Controlled Light

Manage Your Lighting with One Touch or Simple Voice Commands

Lutron and Josh.ai Offer the Power of Voice Controlled Light

Phoenix Audio Video was founded in 2004 with one mission: to share our passion with our clients, providing them with the latest integrated smart home automation systems that are easy to use and reliable while retaining or adding to their home’s aesthetics. Now, 18 years later, we’re happy to say we’ve lived by those standards and have continued to watch technological advancements once considered impossible. 

When Lutron acquired Ketra in 2018, the world's easiest-to-control exceptional lighting system was born. In 2021, another milestone was made when Josh.ai and Lutron joined forces to create a voice-integrated keypad solution. 

Let’s explore what this means in the world of voice-controlled light and how it’s transforming homes in Greenwich, CT.