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Lighting control gives homeowners the power of illumination at their fingertips. Discover comfort, ambiance, energy-savings, and more from Phoenix Audio Video.

Control Lighting with Ketra Groups, Scenes & Shows

Introduce the Benefits of Sunlight into Your Living Spaces

Control Lighting with Ketra Groups, Scenes & Shows

Home lighting transforms our living spaces and enhances our moods. A 2023 study found those with more prolonged exposure to natural sunlight had lower levels of seasonal depression and mental health issues than those with limited sunlight exposure. There’s been a shift in the residential market to bring the benefits of natural lighting into interior spaces. Ketra leads the charge with tunable solutions that add automatic color temperature and brightness adjustments to daily routines that mimic the sun’s natural rays.

If you live a smart home lifestyle, you are likely aware of smart scenes, but do you know about shows and groups? With Ketra, you can have them all. Below, we dive into each, the differences, and why the Natural Show from Ketra is the ultimate improvement in lighting control. Keep reading.