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Discover the best outdoor TVs for your home. Enjoy durable, high-brightness displays perfect for any weather condition.

What Are the Best Outdoor TVs?

Our Recommendations for Sturdy, High-Quality Outdoor Displays

What Are the Best Outdoor TVs?

Now that the temperatures are heating up, it's time to take full advantage of your outdoor spaces. How can you get the most out of them? Outdoor displays are a great way to get fresh air while enjoying movies, shows, and sports with friends and family. 

However, choosing the right display is difficult. Which ones will stand up even to the strongest Nor'easters? Which offers the best brightness and anti-glare screens to watch comfortably while the sun shines brightly over Greenwich, Connecticut? 

These are our top recommendations for outdoor TVs. When deciding which to go with, the experts at Phoenix Audio Video will specify the best solution based on the specific application, budget, etc.