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Why A Solid Home Network is Crucial for Smart Home Success

Set a Strong Home Networking Foundation for Your Smart Devices

Why A Solid Home Network is Crucial for Smart Home Success

Are you just starting out with smart home automation?  Before you decide which smart technology features you want for your space, you need to get the most important aspect underway first: your network.

Your home network’s stability is essential to the running of every other part of your centralized home automation system.

Below we’ll go through how your home networking is the beginning and end to how well your smart system runs in your Westchester County, NY space, and how to make sure it is set up properly.

The Internet of Things: What is It?

You might have heard this phrase before – “the internet of things.”  But what does it entail exactly?  Let us give you the rundown.

The internet of things is how all the components of your home speak to each other.  It’s how all your devices and technology can communicate and transfer data.

They do this through your network.

So with a proper network connectivity, all your smart technology and products can react and respond accordingly to your settings and commands.


Your Network: A Solid Foundation

If your network connection isn’t strong, then neither is your system.  Your devices can’t communicate together to form a perfectly cohesive team.

Smart home automation is all about different components working together and responding to each other.  Without that, your smart home isn’t very smart at all.

For example, if the sun is high in the sky and shining directly through your large glass windows, your motorized shades can know to lower once they detect the sun’s brightness or if you schedule them for certain hours in the day.

The same goes for a smart thermostat that can sense a temperature change, and will then adjust accordingly without you ever having to lift a finger.

It could be your thermostat, your shades, your lighting control, or your integrated audio and video – how well they all work comes down to how stable your home network connectivity is.

That’s why you don’t want to mess with cheap or off-the-shelf routers. If you instead choose a professional home network installation, you’ll see the reward in how well your network performs.

When we set up home networks, we consider your home’s layout when wiring and setting up and will ensure you receive a reliable and secure network connection in every area of your home.

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