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  • Introducing Ketra

    Engage and inspire with Ketra human-centric lighting solutions.

  • Introducing DMF Lighting

    Vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to support natural circadian rhythms.


    Human Centric Lighting

    Whether at home in Fairfield or at work in New York, you are exposed to many lighting hues all day that can have a significant impact on your wellbeing. Outdoors, the sun rises in the mornings and stimulates your brain with cooler toned lighting. The sun brightens over the course of the day and sets in the evenings with warmer tones. The sun’s natural cycle signals to your brain when to rise and when to wind down, but when we spend the majority of our days indoors, our circadian rhythms are interrupted. That’s where Ketra’s human-centric lighting and DMF’s Warm Dim functionality come in to support your physical and mental wellness both at home and in business.

    Introducing Ketra

    Enjoy an endlessly inspiring high-definition color palette from a single source with Ketra human-centric lighting. Vibrant colors and crisp whites will cover your home or busines with a variety of high-performance LED lighting products. Unlike typical LEDs, Ketra combines saturated red, green and blue light with a phosphor converted white LED, making it possible to gradually dim lighting to a warm amber color that is naturally more pleasing. Fixed or adjustable downlights, pendants, and luminaires let you experience dynamic natural light in a limitless range of colors using a flexible wireless control system such as Lutron HomeWorks. With the tap of your finger on a keypad or smart device, Ketra lighting supports your moods and daily activities, no matter what area of your home you’re in.

    Ketra Product Spotlight

    Regular LEDs offer white light of the same color, just less of it, whenever it’s dimmed. Ketra’s human-centric lighting is different. Plug and play luminaire lamps are perfect for retrofit and new construction projects where you want to highlight artwork or architectural details with brilliant color vibrancy to showcase pieces as they were intended to be seen. Downlights cover a wide range of 16.7 million colors including whites spanning from 1,400K to 10,000K. And the best part – incredible flexibility with wireless control. Ketra is calibrated perfectly to maintain a lifetime of candlelight warmth. Its exclusive, intelligent driver chip and LED module provides high-quality color mixing for always consistent color maintenance.

    Introducing DMF Lighting

    Brilliant engineers are at the helm of DMF Lighting’s R&D lab. Their products offer cutting-edge lighting performance without sacrificing aesthetics. DMF’s future-forward mentality means their products will integrate with the technologies you acquire months or years from today. It’s an adaptable and modular downlighting system with smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1% that offers flexibility with both fixed and adjustable beam applications. DMF Lighting offers exclusive Warm Dim technology that supports your natural circadian rhythms with intuitive adjustability on a spectrum between a bright 3000K to a warm 1800K.

    DMF Product Spotlight

    From a single standard dimming switch, you’re able to control every easy-to-use DMF Lighting module. Fixed and adjustable beam options are available with tool-free aimed, lockable light beams to support your lighting design. Decorative, flangeless, and diffused finishes are meant to blend – or stand out – in your home or business. The LED Cylinder Series offers a beautiful design with interchangeable trims and shades. The modularity of DMF defines the brand, making new build and retrofit applications a breeze. Customized circadian lighting scenes will illuminate your home in bright, cool hues in the early hours that will warm as the day goes on. Evening amber-hued light will increases your melatonin and improves your natural body rhythms just like natural sunlight.

    Why Us?

    Our mission is to provide reliable and easy-to-use home automation systems and audio/video solutions to our clients from Fairfield to Westchester County and beyond. At our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your lighting project’s specifications and will coordinate with your entire design team – from architects to designers to contractors – so that everyone is on the same page. Phoenix handles all of the integration details for you, providing fixtures and control solutions for the entire project. You can fully enjoy the benefits of human-centric lighting once we incorporate motorized window treatments for a complete lighting control system that supports your natural circadian rhythms.

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