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Sonance Speakers Are Meant to Be Heard, Not Seen

Invisible Speakers Keep the Existing Decor Intact and Enhance Your Smart Home’s AV System

Sonance Speakers Are Meant to Be Heard, Not Seen

If you are looking into smart home technologies in New Rochelle, NY, chances are you’ve already heard about Phoenix Audio Video. After all, we are among the leading technology installers and integrators in the state! 

When designing and installing a smart, integrated AV system, many of our clients opt for invisible speakers, in which case we always recommend the same brand. Sonance speakers, designed to be hidden within walls and ceilings, provide high-quality surround sound without compromising the aesthetic of a home. 

Read on to learn more about Sonance invisible speakers!

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Sonance Quality

Are you looking for a high-performance speaker that doesn’t clash with your decor? There is no brand that does hidden speakers like Sonance. Their speakers offer superior sound quality in a sleek, minimalist enclosure that makes them Invisible virtually invisible within a room.

Each Sonance speaker is engineered to provide accurate, high-fidelity sound, ideal for both whole-home audio and specialized spaces like media rooms and home theaters. Featuring neodymium magnets and woven fiberglass cones, your new speakers will deliver clear, detailed sound from behind the scenes and the walls! 

One last thing! Sonance speakers are also easy to calibrate so our expert technicians can ensure they work in harmony with the room’s architecture to deliver optimal sound quality and distribution. 

Truly Invisible

Are invisible speakers truly invisible? How about you be the judge? Sonance speakers can be painted or stained to match the surrounding walls and ceilings. Is it wood, plaster, wallpaper, or stone? No worries, then! It can be painted or wallpapered over and you won’t even know where the speakers are until they start singing. 

At Phoenix Audio Video we can take care of every other aspect of your AV system as well. From designing a strong network to support media servers and smart devices to installing a next generation TV and voice control, we’ve got your back. And best of all, your existing home decor will look and feel unchanged. 

Beyond Speakers

To complement their invisible line of speakers, Sonance has taken a similar approach towards smart interfaces and even HVAC vents. How so? Their Trufig family of products uses a patented flush-mounting process that makes every switch, outlet, and dimmer at home blend seamlessly with its surroundings when not in use.  

So, are you looking to upgrade your home's audio system and enjoy the benefits of immersive sound that is virtually invisible? Get in touch with us, and we will bring the invisible magic of Sonance into your smart home!