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New TVs Deliver Next-Generation Technology in 2022

Learn About the Latest Technology That Offers Brilliant, Life-Like Images

New TVs Deliver Next-Generation Technology in 2022

At Phoenix Audio Video, we're made up of technicians, system designers, engineers, and project managers, all passionate about the latest technology that enhances the daily lives of our clients. Smart home automation integrates and controls all of the systems in your Fairfield County, CT, home, including lighting, climate, security, and entertainment.

As you can imagine, sharing the remarkable upgrades in the world of entertainment is both exciting and overwhelming. So much to choose from! A few of the many possibilities include designated home theaters, media rooms, outdoor entertainment, and living rooms that become ready for movie night with one touch of a button.

All of these require TV displays that deliver crystal-clear images in high definition. So, in honor of this technology that entertains and captivates us, we thought we'd look at the new TV lineups in 2022.

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While most TV displays are getting bigger, LG is offering its C-Series OLED in 42-inches. OLED uses light-emitting diodes in each pixel, creating brilliant contrast. This size display is perfect for spaces that don't demand big, high-intensity images, like kitchens and guest rooms. LG also announced their OLED evo that features new brightness boosters thanks to their advanced processor. This TV delivers better contrast and brighter highlights, revealing incredible detail and color. LG also reduced the weight of some of its OLED TVs by up to 50%.


Samsung had a few new surprises in 2022. One is its release of the new QN900B, the best-of-the-best in the brand's Neo QLED 8K series. This year, it upgraded to 14-bit HDR mapping to improve detail and updated the Neural Quantum processor, which analyzes content to optimize image quality. The TV also gets new audio with a 90W 6.2.4 channel speaker featuring Dolby Atmos and their object tracking. It tracks sound as it moves across the screen, delivering an immersive, surround sound experience. Samsung also released its first OLED TV in nine years and upgraded The Frame with an anti-glare, low-reflection matte display.


Sony's 2022 TV lineup features several new TVs, ranging from the X90K LED TV to the Master Series Z9K 8K TVs. However, the one making much of the news is its A95K QD-OLED with next-gen technology. It's the only QD-OLED TV released by a major manufacturer. The latest and greatest in panel technology combines the best elements of OLED and quantum dot technology, offering color up to 200% brighter than conventional TVs. Some experts suggest this may be the best TV on the market.


In outdoor TVs, SunBrite unveiled the Veranda 3 line of full-shade outdoor LED TVs designed for covered backyard porches and other outdoor locations drenched in shade. They included the same quantum dot technology that generates 1 billion colors, only now they can be installed as standalone outdoor displays due to the onboard software and apps.

At Phoenix Audio Video, we offer expert installation and setup of all of your audio-video and home automation technology. To learn more about the latest TVs or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Phoenix Audio Video today.