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A Smart Lighting Control System Can Transform Your Home and Life

Discover the Benefits of Modern Lighting Technology

A Smart Lighting Control System Can Transform Your Home and Life

Technology has added convenience and sophistication to countless things in our lives, and lighting is one of them. If you are still using standard light bulbs and switches to illuminate your home, there’s so much more you can experience with your lighting.

Keep reading to find out how a smart lighting control system can elevate your lifestyle in Westchester County, NY.

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Smart lighting control allows you to adjust your home’s lights using one intuitive controller, whether that’s a dedicated touch panel, your smartphone, voice command, or customized on-wall keypads. From your preferred control device, you can adjust lights in a single room, in multiple rooms, or throughout the entire home in seconds.  

Use automation and custom lighting scenes to set specific lighting preferences for different times of the day or special occasions. For instance, you can program your bedroom lights to slowly brighten in the morning just before your alarm goes off so that you wake up to a bright, energized room. In the evening, tap the “Relax” scene on your on-wall keypad or smartphone app to dim the lights in the dining room and kitchen or illuminate the patio as you step outside to enjoy the cool weather after a long day of work.

Natural Lighting

Do you ever find the lighting in your home to be too artificial or hard on your eyes? Do you wish that you could capture the glow of sunlight or moonlight inside the comfort of your own home? You can bring natural light to the indoors with Ketra tunable lighting solutions. Ketra, owned by Lutron, is a leader in tunable lighting systems that aim to bring the benefits of natural light indoors with temperature-changing bulbs and fixtures. Ketra offers fixtures and bulbs with a nearly infinite spectrum of color temperatures — letting users bask in the blue glow of dawn or pink hues of a sunset.

Not only does Ketra offer nearly endless color temperature options for light that imitates the changing colors of the sun, but it can provide health benefits as well. Humans have evolved for thousands of years with the sun’s natural light, and many theories link natural lighting to comfort and wellbeing.

Smart Home System

Your smart lighting control system can also integrate with other intelligent subsystems. Lutron is one of the top smart lighting brands, and it offers complete residential lighting systems that can fit any size home and work with other solutions. For example, Lutron’s HomeWorks system smoothly accommodates smart living by integrating Lutron lighting, motorized shades, and smart thermostats to work together with easy control from a single device.

If you’re ready to design and install the lighting control system that fits all your needs and wants, reach out to our team of experts at Phoenix Audio Video. As a certified Platinum Level Lutron dealer, we’re here to answer your lighting and smart home automation questions!