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Yes! You Can Add Smart Home Technology to Your Existing Home

The Latest Technologies Enable Seamless Retrofit Projects

Yes! You Can Add Smart Home Technology to Your Existing Home

As longtime Savant and Lutron dealers specializing in luxury smart home automation, we’re often asked if homeowners can integrate smart technology after their home is complete. We’re always happy to inform them that, with the latest advancements in the smart home industry, retrofit projects have become commonplace. Effortless control of your home’s systems and a luxurious lifestyle are possible!

Let’s explore the many facets of a retrofit project and a few features our clients in Greenwich, CT, particularly enjoy.

Which Lutron Lighting Option Is Right for Your Home?

Our Lutron Installers Explore 3 Recessed Light Options, from Good to Better to Best

Which Lutron Lighting Option Is Right for Your Home?

The lighting you choose for your home can make or break your interior design. More than that, poor lighting can negatively affect your safety, eyesight, and wellbeing. You depend on the lighting in your home every day, so why shouldn’t you invest in a high-quality solution that delights and inspires?

As a Lutron installer, we’re proud to deliver the best home lighting solutions to our customers in the Greenwich, CT area. Below, explore three recessed LED lighting options from Lutron for your home, which we rank from good to better to best (although you can’t go wrong with any of these)!

Better Lighting for Living

Ketra Natural Light Systems Brings Premium Lighting Control to Your Home

Better Lighting for Living

Light has a powerful influence on the world, most dramatically on human lives. The colors and intensity of sunrise, sunset and all the subtle changes in between have dramatically shaped the way we live over thousands of years.

Today, we can thank electricity for expanding our days long after the sun has set. However, because we spend so much time indoors and rely heavily on artificial light, we’re missing the incredible benefits that the sun’s changing intensity and color temperature bring to our health and wellbeing.

Breathe in the benefits of natural light while indoors with Ketra tunable lighting. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Ketra smart lighting control in your Westport, CT home.

A Smart Lighting Control System Can Transform Your Home and Life

Discover the Benefits of Modern Lighting Technology

A Smart Lighting Control System Can Transform Your Home and Life

Technology has added convenience and sophistication to countless things in our lives, and lighting is one of them. If you are still using standard light bulbs and switches to illuminate your home, there’s so much more you can experience with your lighting.

Keep reading to find out how a smart lighting control system can elevate your lifestyle in Westchester County, NY.

How to Optimize Lighting Control Throughout Your Home

Illuminate Your Living Space with These Top Lighting Features

How to Optimize Lighting Control Throughout Your Home

Did you know home lighting control goes far beyond brightening every part of your Westport, CT living space? Along with the convenience of pressing one button to adjust any and all lighting fixtures in your home, your smart lighting system can also enhance other key areas of your life.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how tunable lighting and landscape lighting have significant impacts on your daily routines and events, and the numerous ways they can benefit you. Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.