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The Benefits and Beauty of Motorized Shades and Natural Fabrics

Custom Window Treatments Come in Nearly Limitless Fabrics and Designs

The Benefits and Beauty of Motorized Shades and Natural Fabrics

When you walk into a home, what’s the first thing that catches your eye? For some, it’s the furnishings and fine art. For others, it’s the flooring and the architectural design. But, for everyone, it's the lighting—the sunlight filtering through the windows and the light that illuminates a home. After all, without light, all the other beautiful elements would be indistinguishable. 

At Phoenix Audio Video, we specialize in creating beautiful spaces that enhance our clients' everyday lives while making them easy to manage under one-touch control. To accomplish this, we partner with industry leaders that remain on the cutting edge of the latest technology. In lighting and custom window treatments, those brands are Lutron and Hartmann & Forbes. Let’s explore what they offer homes in Fairfield County, CT.

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The Benefits of Lutron Motorized Shades

Lutron’s motorized shades offer just the right amount of natural light at the right time in every room. Instead of requiring manual control, these shades rise and lower with one tap on a touchscreen or in-wall keypad. You can lower all the shades in your home simultaneously or in just one room. As they rise or lower, all shades stay aligned to within 1/8-inch, offering incredible beauty and elegance.

Our certified technicians can also program them to retract and lower throughout the day based on the time or the sun’s rays. When controlled through your home automation platform, one-touch control integrates your lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and more. For example, tap the “Movie” scene to lower the shades, dim the lights, and lower the projector. Touch the “Away” icon, and the doors lock, the alarm arms, and the shades rise and lower throughout the day, making it look like someone is home.

Lutron’s motorized shades come in hundreds of different fabrics, styles, and opacities. The sheer weave lets you preserve the view of the beautiful outdoors even with the shades lowered. The blackout weave is perfect for movie nights and when it’s time for sleep. Our clients also use their own material for the ultimate customized window covering that aligns perfectly with their home’s aesthetics. 

The Beauty of Hartmann & Forbes Handcrafted Shades

One of the custom window coverings we recommend for our clients with a bent toward nature and exquisite design is Hartmann & Forbes. This company is one of the top brands in expert design and weaving of natural textiles.

Their handwoven, custom-designed window coverings are made from the finest sustainable fibers, bringing the natural world indoors. The company takes responsibility for everything from cultivating and harvesting to handweaving and fabrication.

In addition to these two industry leaders, Phoenix Audio Video works with local resources, such as designers and artisans, to bring your ideas for shading to life. Every aspect is considered, from the climate, the changing daylight, the outdoor scenery, and the indoor aesthetics. We combine the best in custom window treatments with the effortless control offered by home automation. 

To learn more about custom window treatments or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Phoenix Audio Video today.