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How Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Life

More Than a Way to Block the Sun, Motorized Shades Add Convenience and Luxury

How Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Life

Total light control. Beautiful and sophisticated. Simple automation. We find so many good reasons to install motorized window shades in your Westport, CT, home. In addition to their primary function, blocking light and heat, they dramatically elevate the ambiance of your rooms. Available in many styles, motorized shades by Lutron, Savant, and Crestron offer the look you want with the convenience you need. Read more to discover the many benefits of having motorized window treatments in your home.

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Effortless Control for Easy Living

How many times do you open and close your shades each day? Chances are, it’s once in the morning and once at night – minimum! That amounts to 60 times a month, and you’re most likely wrangling with the cords and even maneuvering around furniture to do it.

What if you never had to touch your shades again? Motorized window shades are convenient to use because they can be controlled by wall switches, handheld devices, automatic light sensors, and voice command. Imagine the convenience! At the touch of a button or by simply saying a word, you have total light control.

The Ambiance You Crave

When considering the type of shades you want, don’t settle for ordinary. Lutron, Savant, and Crestron feature extraordinary shades that come in many varieties with different colors, materials, and designs to match your décor. For instance, Creston carries a line of horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric. A beautiful addition to your home décor. Lutron and Savant offer timeless, classic window treatments that feature a range of options, such as solar screens, blackout shades, and decorative translucent fabric. Whatever your preference, there’s a motorized shade waiting for you.

Block the Sun without Blocking the View

Motorized window shades offer other unique features. Various models block the heat from the sun, as well as glare, without hindering your view of the outside world. These decorative shades and solar shades are impressive solutions for homeowners who want the best of both worlds: shades and a beautiful view. You’ll control the light without completely eliminating it. Choose between light colors and dark colors, or if you really want to block the light, high-performance blackout fabrics. Lutron also has durable, motorized shades for your exterior spaces, such as a patio or porch.

Smart Security and Privacy

You may enjoy looking out on your backyard or front yard, but you don’t want people peering in. With window shades – sheer, semi-sheet, or solid fabric – you add a level of privacy to your home based on your needs. As the sun sets and you want to settle in for the night, push a button and close the shades. You can even program them to close automatically based on a light sensor or the time of day. Best of all, motorized window shades can be fully integrated into any home automation or building control system.  

Interested in learning how motorized shades can add beauty to your home and convenience to your life? Call Phoenix Audio Video at (203) 338-0706 or fill out our online contact form today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!