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Savant Takes Smart Home Security to the Next Level

Savant, Ring, and 2N Offer Integrated, Best-In-Class Home Security Solutions

Savant Takes Smart Home Security to the Next Level

Automated control of a home’s lighting, climate, media, and entertainment bring an ease of living that’s hard to define unless you’ve experienced it firsthand. But, even more important than a home that’s easy to manage is a home that provides safety and security. In fact, one of the first home automation features our clients ask about is smart home security

At Phoenix Audio Video, we partner with industry-leading brands that offer cutting-edge technology. Three of these brands are Savant, 2N, and Ring. When combined, they can create an unrivaled automated security system. So let's see how these companies bring peace of mind to homeowners in New Rochelle, NY.

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2N—Luxury, Integrated Intercoms

Axis Communications, a global market leader in innovative digital video surveillance, acquired 2N, the number one company in IP intercoms, in 2016. Together, they've been creating innovative firsts. For example, their stylish door intercoms allow homeowners to receive calls and video on their smartphones directly from the 2N intercom.

High-quality, high-definition audio and video means that you can talk to your visitor as if you're standing right next to them, and crystal-clear images let you see them even in total darkness. In addition, movement can trigger an automated message to scare off possible intruders or vandals. Should a security breach occur, the alarm triggers, and you’ll receive a sequence of images via email.

In 2021, they introduced 2N in IP Style, winner of the 2021 CE Pro BEST Product Award. Their new video intercom features a premium 10-inch touch display.

Ring—Your Video Doorbell

Savant was the first home automation system to fully integrate with Amazon’s Ring X ecosystem. This means full integration with the Ring video doorbell and spotlight and floodlight cameras.

Combined with the Power of Savant

Savant’s Entry System combines 2N IP intercoms, Ring, and industry-leading surveillance solutions such as IC Realtime. This seamless integration with your home automation system allows viewing your home's live video surveillance feed from wide-angle cameras and receiving notifications if motion or noise is detected. You can also take video calls from your Savant mobile application and smart home system.

Take intercom calls from wherever you are in the world and open the door remotely for your pet sitter or house cleaner. Give them instructions and then lock up and secure the home after they leave. 

See what's going on at every entry point and communicate with each, whether gates, garages, side, or front doors. Monitor the status of each entry point and remotely open or close them. Control your security system and smart home with one tap on a touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone, including turning on the lights and activating a Savant preset scene or pausing entertainment content and turning on the outdoor lights when the doorbell rings.

As with all things Savant, unprecedented customization is possible. 

At Phoenix Audio Video, we take pride in delivering customized, integrated solutions that elevate our clients' daily lives. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Phoenix Audio Video today.