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How a Smart Home Surveillance System Keeps Your Family Safe

Advanced Surveillance Products Are No Match for Thieves. Learn How They Protect Your Home.

How a Smart Home Surveillance System Keeps Your Family Safe

There’s nothing more important than your family. It’s the loving relationships that bring so much joy to your life. From first dates to first steps to a new home, you celebrate every cherished moment with your spouse and children. As you make important upgrades to your home – like installing a home automation system and smart products – don’t forget about a surveillance system that keeps your family secure.

When you have a home surveillance system in Greenwich, CT, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of happy memories and a safe home. Today’s super-smart smart surveillance systems are equipped with advanced technology that deters even the most tech-savvy thieves. Read more about the features and benefits of installing smart security products.

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Simple Yet Sophisticated Surveillance

First of all, even though the newest surveillance systems are highly advanced, that doesn’t mean they are complicated to use. For instance, Luma Surveillance has a simple and intuitive interface that gives you seamless and complete control of your system. Anyone, not just technologically minded people, can operate it. Much like using an app or your smart home control touchpad, simply touch an icon or image to manage the system or view camera footage. It’s a robust system that keeps eyes on your property at the times while giving you the ability to access the entire system wherever you are.

Smart Cameras with Advanced Features

Not all surveillance cameras are created equal. Some serve a basic function – to record activity on the property. However, today’s surveillance high-definition cameras take advantage of AI technology, video analytics, and even full-color nighttime video. The cameras are sleek and available in different styles. In fact, they are even intimidating to burglars. If an intruder sees Luma or IC Realtime cameras on your property, they’ll know that it’s time to change course! Depending on models selected and your overall budget, added features the latest smart cameras include:

  • Pan, Zoom, and Tilt Options
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Filtering
  • Thermal Surveillance
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Long-Range Capabilities
  • Nanny Cams
  • Covert Options

Recorded Footage: Better Than Playback

A Luma surveillance system with cameras and recorders gives you amazing control. Access the video anywhere you are – across the city or in another part of the world. Simply open the Luma app on your phone and watch all the activity on your property. The advanced video analytics and smart technology provide intelligent and effective property breach detection. You’ll be immediately alerted when it happens.

One of the more beneficial features of the Luma system is that it does not store anything on the cloud. Instead, the recordings are housed on a local server hard drive for convenient access. This is a more secure way to store footage, and it requires little-to-no bandwidth usage, so your home network does not suffer.

Seamless Home Automation Integration

Everything comes together perfectly with Luma and your smart home. You’ll be able to access the system using your Savant smart tablet. Are you watching a movie in your home theater but want to check the surveillance cameras in and around your home? Touch the icon and watch real-time video of all the activities. Check who’s at the front door. See how the kids are doing in the playroom. Scan the perimeter of your property. It’s so easy and convenient. Most importantly, it’s the best way to ensure a safe home and family.

Learn more about smart surveillance solutions for your home. Call Phoenix Audio Video at (203) 338-0706 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!