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2 Speaker Brands We Love for High-End Home Audio Systems

Focal and Bowers & Wilkins Are Tops Picks for Stereo and Cinema Setups

2 Speaker Brands We Love for High-End Home Audio Systems

The high-end audio market is brimming with speaker brands to choose from for your listening needs. Whether you want to enjoy an immersive soundscape in your home theater or recreate the feeling of a live concert in your living room, our A/V experts can advise you on the best options.

This blog will highlight two of our favorite names in high-end speakers: Focal and Bowers & Wilkins. If you’re in search of new speakers for a stereo or home theater setup in your Westchester County, NY home, then read below to learn more about these brands and what they offer.

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French-based Focal is a global reference in high-fidelity speakers. The company stands apart from competitors by being one of few to continue investing in acoustic research to improve product performance. Focal is dedicated to producing sound in its truest form through speakers that balance innovative technology with exquisite design.

High-Fidelity Tower Speakers

From their flagship Utopia line to their more accessible Chora line, Focal loudspeakers reveal nuances in music and movies that you’ve never heard before. Designers and engineers work together to ensure each speaker reflects its intended environment while also adding beauty to the modern space it lives in.

While many speakers are made with polypropylene plastic, Focal woofers and tweeters are made with elite materials like Kevlar, beryllium, and aluminum for more rigidity and higher-quality audio performance. Another feature that sets Focal loudspeakers apart is their use of inverted dome tweeters, which produce much less distortion at high frequencies than traditional dome tweeters.

Custom Install

While Focal tower speakers are a wonder to behold, some homeowners may want the signature Focal sound without large-and-in-charge floor speakers taking up space. In that case, Focal offers a discreet line of high-fidelity architectural speakers that mount right into your walls and ceilings.

The most outstanding collection in their architectural speaker line is the 1000 Series, which is equipped with Focal’s world-renowned technology to promise sensational music and cinema reproduction. These in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are adjustable and can be positioned to target the listening point, offering flawless sound spatialization.

Bowers & Wilkins

Another well-loved name in the high-performance audio world is Bowers & Wilkins. Their speakers aren’t only loved by audiophiles worldwide, but they’re also the preferred speaker brand for Abbey Road Studios. Specifically, their flagship 800 Series Diamond has helped global artists create the music and film soundtracks that have shaped generations.

Sophisticated Floor-Standers

The same speakers used at Abbey Road Studios can live in your home when you choose the luxury 800 Series Diamond. Known as the world’s most advanced loudspeaker range, the 800 Series Diamond balances advanced technologies with purposeful design to deliver sound so accurate that the speaker itself disappears.

Another celebratory loudspeaker line from English-based Bowers & Wilkins is the 700 Series, which borrows advanced technologies from the 800 Series Diamond and combines cutting-edge acoustic engineering with a classic cabinet design. Inspired by recording studios, the 700 Series brings full-bodied, studio-quality music home.

Custom Theater

Bring your films to life with Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater collections, which deliver an enveloping soundstage from speakers that hide entirely within your walls. The award-winning 800 CT Series features LCR speakers, a center-channel speaker, surrounds, and a sub, which can be combined and adjusted to create the perfect sound system for your dedicated home theater.

The CT800 Series combines proprietary technologies with highly advanced designs to deliver room-shaking sound effects and delicate nuances in every scene—all in three-dimensional detail. According to What Hi-Fi? experts, the CT800 may be the best cinema sound system you can put in your home.

As a proud Focal and Bowers & Wilkins dealer, our team would love to help you find the perfect speakers for your listening needs. Learn more about our offerings by calling (203) 338-0706 or filling out our contact form. You can also schedule a visit to our showroom to speak with an audio specialist in person and demo our products! We look forward to working with you.

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