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How Motorized Blinds Can Enhance Your Home Life

Learn How Motorized Blinds and Shades Can Improve the Comfort and Style of Your Home

How Motorized Blinds Can Enhance Your Home Life

Motorized shading systems not only add convenience to your life by allowing you to command your window treatments at the touch of a button, but they can also enhance the environment of your home in Westport, CT by adding beauty to its interiors.  

By upgrading to motorized blinds and shades, you’ll be able to elevate your décor, easily control the light in your home, and adjust those hard-to-reach floor-to-ceiling window treatments at the touch of a button.

Our team works with several industry-leading vendors, such as Hartmann & Forbes, to install custom motorized blinds and shades that match the style of any room and fit the size of any window treatment. Learn more about the benefits of motorized blinds and shades below.

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Motorized Blinds and Shades Offer Comfort and Protection

With motorized window treatments, you can easily control the amount of natural light that enters your home at any time of day. From a wall keypad, your mobile phone, or by using preset schedules, all the shades in your home can lift and lower at your command. Adjust shades in a single room or in every room in seconds.

At the same time, motorized window treatments help to better protect your precious furnishings. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause your furniture and artwork to fade and become irreversibly damaged. Automated blinds and shades allow you to set specific times during the day when they can be lowered and raised so you don’t have to remember when to close them yourself. When the sun is at its brightest, schedule your shades to lower to 50% to add some protection to your interiors. Then, when the sun sets, your shades can close completely on their own.

Fabrics and Styles Abound to Match Your Tastes

Motorized window treatments are certainly not limited in style. Brands like Hartmann & Forbes offer a wonderful variety of beautiful window coverings that can be automated in your home.

Hartmann & Forbes is an award-winning, luxury maker of handwoven window coverings from natural, sustainable fibers and textiles. Shades from Hartmann & Forbes bring nature indoors while protecting your furnishings and offering you the privacy you need.

Every quarter, Hartmann & Forbes releases new handmade fabrics for design-conscious homeowners. Choose from fabrics inspired by traditional African hand braiding, Tattersall blankets, traditional Scottish weaves, and more. Get jazzy with Hartmann & Forbes’ Jazz Series of grass weaves inspired by the visual rhythm of guitar strings. Choose the understated elegance of their Awareness Series, a papyrus weave that connotes a rustic simplicity and stillness. Plus, all fabrics and textiles come in various shades of color to fit your tastes.


To experience the kind of convenience and style motorized shades can add to your home, reach out to our team here, or call us at (203) 308-0706. We can’t wait to hear from you!