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Did You Know a Whole-Home Audio System Does This?

More Than a Standalone Speaker System, the Sonos Amp Powers Your Entire Home for Multi-Room Sound

Did You Know a Whole-Home Audio System Does This?

There’s something sensational about whole-home sound. When you have it in your home, music follows you wherever you go. If an in-wall and in-ceiling speaker system makes you think of the kind you’d find in an office lobby or waiting room, the prepare to be amazed. Hi-fi speakers powered by amps from Sonos are anything but ordinary. Get ready for brilliant sound quality the surrounds you.

If your life moves to the sound of music, then you need a whole-home audio system in your Darien, CT, home. It’s perfect for private listening as well as entertaining. Learn more about the benefits of having multi-room audio by reading our blog.

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A Wireless, Versatile Sound System

For more than 18 years, Sonos has been developing and manufacturing speakers and audio system products that deliver phenomenal sound. Their wireless speakers can be placed anywhere. Connected through your Wi-Fi network, the multi-room system is versatile, customizable, and quite powerful. Whether you need one speaker for a small room, multiple speakers for a large area, a subwoofer to give the music some kick, or home entertainment audio set for a family or playroom TV setup, Sonos is the perfect choice.

It gets even better! Sonos also offers a versatile amplifier to power all your entertainment – in one room or every room throughout your house. The amp delivers 125 watts to the speakers and they don’t have to be Sonos speakers either. It works with other speaker brands, such as hidden speakers by Stealth Acoustics or high-performance Bowers & Wilkins in-wall or in-ceiling solutions. Also, with the Sonos app, you’re able to easily manage all the inputs – from your TV, media room, or vintage record player. The system also works with all types of online streaming services.

The Advantages of Whole-Home Sound

Do you like to host parties or entertain? Maybe you enjoy listening to music while getting ready for the day. A multi-room system expands the entertainment area and enhances your music-listening pleasure. For instance, your guests will no longer feel confined to one room where the music is playing. Instead, they can go anywhere to hear it. A fully home audio system sends the music to every room in your house or select rooms. It even powers your outdoor AV system.

Would you like to play different songs in different rooms? That’s easy. Set up zones in your home where you can play various playlists. While some people in the house are enjoying soothing music in the living room, others could be congregating outside while listing to the latest hits. Most importantly, the system is easy to control. Your smart home tablet or app lets you change the songs, adjust the volume, and pause the music with the touch of a button.

Add more music to your life with a whole-home audio system. Call Phoenix Audio Video at (203) 338-0706 or fill out our online contact form to get started.