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How to Achieve High-Performing Outdoor Audio

Enjoy Crisp, Clear Outdoor Music Without Waking the Neighbors

How to Achieve High-Performing Outdoor Audio

The music doesn’t have to disturb your neighbors for you to enjoy a lively outdoor party. Why should beautiful audio be confined to your home in Fairfield County, CT? Take the fun outside! High-quality outdoor audio systems give you the sound experience you want while your neighbors will get the peace and quiet they deserve.

Get immersed in music while enjoying friends, family, and fun in your own backyard. Speakers from leading manufacturers like Sonance, James Loudspeaker, and Coastal Source produce outstanding audio that creates the right sound and ambiance you need. Whether you’re having a blast at a big get-together, throwing a birthday party, or relaxing to soothing music on your porch, a quality outdoor speaker system is a must.

Read our blog to see why upgrading your outdoor audio is the right choice.

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Talk about Surround Sound!

One or two outdoor speakers aren’t enough to give you the immersive sound you want. Sure, they play music, but can you really feel it? An amazing sound that excites your senses comes from all sides and all angles. If you don’t have a premium system and speakers, then you’ll have a flat sound experience. By properly configuring the system and placing your speakers in the best locations, you’ll achieve awesome audio you need – one that envelopes you.

In addition, various speaker configurations reduce noise “bleed” into your neighbor’s property without sacrificing the quality of your outdoor audio. It’s achievable by using wall speakers, ceiling speakers, tweeters, subwoofers, and landscape speakers throughout your outdoor space. So, instead of blasting music from one speaker so everyone can hear it, your well-positioned speakers provide crisp, clear sound wherever guests go in your yard. And the system can be completely integrated with your whole-home audio system as well.

Premium Speakers Designed for Outdoor Use

You want high-performing speakers that deliver quality outdoor sound no matter what the weather conditions are. When you install speakers from Sonance, James Loudspeaker, or Coastal Source, you can expect the ultimate in sound quality and durability. Their speakers stand up to all open-air conditions, such as extreme heat and cold, as well as rain and snow.

Put them in the bushes, in the ground, in gardens or anywhere else. They are made specifically for outdoor spaces and blend in beautifully with your landscape. Want to add a hardscape feature to your lawn? Coastal Source has rock speakers for homeowners who prefer to hide speakers in plain sight. Phoenix Audio Video can also install inground speakers if you prefer to have them completely hidden.

A Smart Way to Enjoy Outdoor Audio

What outdoor sound system is complete without smart home integration? By connecting outdoor audio with your Crestron smart home system, you achieve seamless control over everything. Change songs, adjust the volume, pause the music, and even EQ the system with your smart device or tablet. You can also have access to your media server and online music apps, such as Spotify and Pandora. If you have a whole-home audio system, your guests can enjoy the music wherever they go. It doesn’t get any better than that: smart control, outstanding sound, and a stunning audio experience.

Make outdoor sound a part of your life by installing a high-performing outdoor audio system. Get started by calling Phoenix Audio Video at (203) 338-0706 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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