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Better Lighting for Living

Ketra Natural Light Systems Brings Premium Lighting Control to Your Home

Better Lighting for Living

Light has a powerful influence on the world, most dramatically on human lives. The colors and intensity of sunrise, sunset and all the subtle changes in between have dramatically shaped the way we live over thousands of years.

Today, we can thank electricity for expanding our days long after the sun has set. However, because we spend so much time indoors and rely heavily on artificial light, we’re missing the incredible benefits that the sun’s changing intensity and color temperature bring to our health and wellbeing.

Breathe in the benefits of natural light while indoors with Ketra tunable lighting. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Ketra smart lighting control in your Westport, CT home.

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Ketra, a manufacturer of the world's most advanced lighting system, brings their top research and technology developments to improve living through lighting.

In Ketra’s own words:

“Dynamic and always evolving, it’s as alive as the very life it illuminates. And yet, we often treat man-made light as a mere utility, remaining complacent with stagnant, chilly light —when it holds the potential to be so much more.”

Illumination with Purpose

While standard lighting can be tactfully utilized to bring illumination and comfort to a space, it can often come up short. Traditional lighting lacks the depth of natural light; as a result, we experience muted and stagnant moods and illumination that are detrimental to our wellbeing.

Ketra has at its very heart the fundamentals of circadian rhythms—that is, the natural ebb and flow of light’s color temperature and brightness and its effect on our biological processes. Natural light changes in color and intensity over the course of a day or time of year; often this can alter our energy levels and perceptions. Indoor lighting that can change on its own with the day to reflect the colors and brightness of the outdoors while keeping a vibrant and welcoming home space is a far more satisfying experience.

Ketra, part of the Lutron lighting and shading company, incorporates geolocation and autotuning sensors that match the interior light with the outside. This brings the power and the benefits, both biological and aesthetical, of natural light for your region into the home. Controlling your lights is seamless through a Lutron control system: Set your lights to adjust on their own with the sunrise and sunset, create custom schedules, or use the Lutron ap, wall keypads, or voice commands to quickly adjust your lights how you wish.

A Revolution in Lighting

The lighting system brings the highest quality illumination to your home, not just through the programming of automated changes. The company has redesigned how LED fixtures work, providing flexible coverage and an endless palette of color.

Superior optics in the bulbs themselves facilitate a unique TruBeam approach, part of the 71 current patents Ketra has developed. The bulbs allow for a uniform light that can be shaped and placed where you want it with no distortions, color separation, or overly theatrical artifacts.

Advanced semi-conductor technology ensures that this revolution in how lighting is made and used is consistent throughout the product's life. The experience you have from the first day of installation will be the same regardless of the years.

Are you ready to bring premium natural lighting and control into your life at home? Reach out to our team here, or call us at (203) 338-0706 to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!