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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Technology

When Home Lighting Automation Is Most Handy

The Incredible Convenience of Smart Lighting Control

When Home Lighting Automation Is Most Handy

Are the months flying by for you, too? Do weekends end before you know it? 

If your schedule is always packed, it’s worth exploring anything that makes daily life a little easier. After all, what’s more valuable than your time? 

Home lighting automation, the process of intelligently controlling and automating your house’s lights, lets you set the mood with customizable color and brightness settings. But a lighting control system can also help you save time throughout the day in ways that may surprise you. 

Whether you’re new to lighting automation or already have a home control system like Savant, see how it can bring simplicity and ease to your Upstate or Bedford, New York, home. You may wonder how you previously lived without it! 

The Best Way to Keep Your Smart Home Disruption-Free

Our Remote Monitoring Service Ensures You’re Always Connected

The Best Way to Keep Your Smart Home Disruption-Free

Technology can be fallible—no matter how robust your home network and smart home system is. Unforeseen events, such as a power outage or ISP service interruption, can take your devices offline in seconds, resulting in a disrupted movie night, dropped conference call with your work team, or worse.

When connectivity issues occur, you shouldn’t be responsible for troubleshooting the problem. In fact, you should be able to rely on your network and smart home system around the clock!

That’s why we will begin offering subscription-based remote monitoring service solutions for customers in Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT, and beyond that allow our smart home professionals to monitor and manage your network and systems from afar. Below, learn about this remote monitoring service solution and how it benefits you.

Make More of Your Backyard This Summer with Outdoor Shades

Patio Shades and Bug Screens Block Sun and Pests, Not the Views

Make More of Your Backyard This Summer with Outdoor Shades

Are you getting the most out of your outdoor living spaces? If you spend time and money to maintain your patio and balconies, you should be able to use them year-round. Unfortunately, the elements can quickly keep us indoors, leaving our outdoor spaces vacant save for a few weeks out of the year.

Now that the pleasant summer season is upon us, get more out of your backyard by investing in outdoor shades. Patio shades and bug screens from Insolroll effectively block unwanted sun and bugs without blocking the outdoor views of Fairfield, CT. Explore some key benefits of this must-have solution below. -The Home Automation That Listens To You

The control interface provides secure, natural voice control fit to your lifestyle -The Home Automation That Listens To You uses the power of your voice and its advanced processing to make smart home control of your Greenwich, CT, space equal in elegance to the decor and architecture of your luxury home. These small interfaces are built to be sophisticated and discreet, working as an extension of the house. Ready to learn more about how this voice control system works and why we recommend it? Keep reading to learn more!

How a Smart Home Surveillance System Keeps Your Family Safe

Advanced Surveillance Products Are No Match for Thieves. Learn How They Protect Your Home.

How a Smart Home Surveillance System Keeps Your Family Safe

There’s nothing more important than your family. It’s the loving relationships that bring so much joy to your life. From first dates to first steps to a new home, you celebrate every cherished moment with your spouse and children. As you make important upgrades to your home – like installing a home automation system and smart products – don’t forget about a surveillance system that keeps your family secure.

When you have a home surveillance system in Greenwich, CT, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of happy memories and a safe home. Today’s super-smart smart surveillance systems are equipped with advanced technology that deters even the most tech-savvy thieves. Read more about the features and benefits of installing smart security products.

Now You Can Golf without Limitations

Golf Simulators Give You the Best of Both Worlds

Now You Can Golf without Limitations

If you’re entertaining guests or even just searching for something different to enjoy in your own home, you don’t have to settle on just a TV or pool table to do the job.  Now you can confidently invite guests over for a round of golf in rain or shine!

With a golf simulator in your Fairfield County, CT home, nothing can keep you from enjoying a round of golf. Practice for the real deal or play with friends for hours – all in the comfort of your media room.

Read on to learn how this luxury technology can transform how you enjoy this traditional pastime.