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Articles tagged with: Home theater

4 Sonos Setup Ideas to Enjoy Hi-Fi Home Audio Your Way

For Stereo, Multiroom, Home Theater and More, Sonos Delivers

4 Sonos Setup Ideas to Enjoy Hi-Fi Home Audio Your Way

When it comes to wireless home sound systems, Sonos leads the pack. Sonos puts sound first through smart, adaptive, hi-fi speakers that wirelessly connect to create your dream audio system. Whether you want a simple stereo setup or expansive whole-home audio, the Sonos listening experience is effortless.

Because Sonos home audio systems are entirely customizable, you can build your system your way to enjoy what you want, where you want, and how you want. Read more to explore four ways you can use Sonos to build the perfect sound system for your Greenwich, CT home.

OLED or LED TV: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Find Out How the Two Technologies Differ, and Why It Matters

OLED or LED TV: Which Is Best for Your Home?

If you are in the market for a new television to add to your smart home automation system, you may have come across ads for LED and OLED models. After reading some of the specifications, you may have a number of questions. Is one better than the other, and is the price difference really worth it? Should I have different TV technologies for different uses in my home?

At first glance, the two products appear to be identical, so just what is all the ballyhoo about? While each technology has its benefits, the differences come down to brightness, refresh rates, black levels, and screen size. Let’s break down the two and determine which is best for your smart home in Greenwich, CT.

Cutting-Edge Technology for an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

The Line of Bravia TVs and Laser Projectors from Sony Use Innovative Technology That Exceeds Your Expectations

Cutting-Edge Technology for an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

What makes a great viewing experience in your home? In part, it is the design and decor of your media room or the ultimate luxury of a private home cinema. Each room is constructed to provide you with comfort and the best viewing seats.

The best decor and architecture can inspire you to sit down to watch, but if the audio-video installation does not meet your expectations, the moment is lacking. The right television and projection systems can make all the difference.  

At Phoenix Audio Video, we are impressed by Sony's latest offerings. The company is known for hyper-realistic imagery and detail in their video products, creating unparalleled viewing experiences for all your favorite content.

Are you curious to see how Sony’s newest cutting-edge products can take your smart home entertainment in Fairfield, CT beyond expectation? Read more below.

Should I Use a Projector or a TV for My Home Theater?

Find Out Which One Is Best for Your Home Theater Design

Should I Use a Projector or a TV for My Home Theater?

You’re starting the exciting project of designing your home theater, and one of the first things that comes to mind is what type of display you’re going to choose. Do you go for a large TV or a projector and screen combination like a commercial theater? If you’re unsure how to decide, keep reading to discover the pros and cons of each. Our guide will help you in creating your Scarsdale, NY, home theater design.

3 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Consider Our Pro Tips to Make Your Home Theater or Media Room Experience Better

3 Common Home Theater Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you have an existing home theater or media room that just isn’t living up to your expectations, it may be that something went wrong during the initial installation. Whether you attempted the setup or worked with a different installer, a home entertainment system that rivals the nearby cinema requires professional expertise, equipment, and design to do the job right.

Beware of the following media room or home theater design mistakes we often see in subpar installations and consider our expert tips to greatly improve the entertainment experience in your Greenwich, CT home.

3 Essential Elements You Need in Your Home Theater

Crucial Features for Your Upcoming Home Theater Installation

3 Essential Elements You Need in Your Home Theater

If you’ve spent the time, money and energy to build a home theater in your house, you want to be sure you have everything you need to enjoy the cinematic viewing experience. But what do you need for a top-quality home theater? Is it just about TV size and how loud your speakers are?

To make sure you get the best movie-watching experience possible, check out Phoenix Audio Video’s guide to a better home theater installation for your Westchester County, NY house.