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Cutting-Edge Technology for an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

The Line of Bravia TVs and Laser Projectors from Sony Use Innovative Technology That Exceeds Your Expectations

Cutting-Edge Technology for an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

What makes a great viewing experience in your home? In part, it is the design and decor of your media room or the ultimate luxury of a private home cinema. Each room is constructed to provide you with comfort and the best viewing seats.

The best decor and architecture can inspire you to sit down to watch, but if the audio-video installation does not meet your expectations, the moment is lacking. The right television and projection systems can make all the difference.  

At Phoenix Audio Video, we are impressed by Sony's latest offerings. The company is known for hyper-realistic imagery and detail in their video products, creating unparalleled viewing experiences for all your favorite content.

Are you curious to see how Sony’s newest cutting-edge products can take your smart home entertainment in Fairfield, CT beyond expectation? Read more below.

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Sony’s industry innovations have a long history, from being at the forefront of the home theater movement to having a leading role in creating home media formats. LaserDisc and DVD quality and popularity have a lot to do with Sony’s input and support, thus facilitating the home movie revolution. The company was an integral part of developing the modern high-definition video format and projectors for the Japanese broadcaster NHK in the early 1980s.

Bravia Goes Beyond

The Bravia line of monitors is well known for reproducing content with hyper accuracy and realism, bringing the creator's intent to life. The 2021 offerings now integrate the much-lauded XR engine into OLED monitors in sizes up to 83 inches.

The XR processor brings a more human-centric perspective to image processing. The image engine uses an understanding of the way we see, hear, and process audio-video in our brains.

When we look at objects in the real world around us, we focus on one central item at a time. The Bravia processing cross-analyzes the entire video, detecting the scene’s focal point and enhancing those elements. The result is a video with a more natural depth of field, creating a more profound immersive experience.

Projection Perfected

In the home cinema, a projector generates an image unbound by the frames that can restrict monitors. Projectors allow you to watch a movie just as the directors intended, in stunning wide-screen aspect ratios.  

The Sony X1 enabled range of laser and bulb projectors go beyond standard 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) of 3840 x 2160, with the ability to project actual cinema level 4K DCI of 4096 x 2160. The HDR-enabled units provide higher contrast levels, blacker blacks, and remarkable detail.

The Z-Phosphor laser light engine can produce an industry-leading 5,000 to 10,000-lumen image that looks bright and clear at 20,000 hours as it does on day one. The ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) lens and Digitial Focus Optimizer ensure your image is crystal clear at the far edges as it is in the center. Many models even offer the ability to present breathtaking IMAX visuals.

Sony televisions and projectors can change the way you see movies. Their long history of technical innovations and dedication to excellent in-home viewing is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Learn how to bring Sony solutions to your home to create the entertainment oasis of your dreams. Our team at Phoenix Audio Video can help! Get started today by reaching out here or calling (203) 338-0706.