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The Latest Technologies in Indoor Lighting Design

Create a Space of Beauty, Health, and Enjoyment with Lutron’s Ketra Lighting

The Latest Technologies in Indoor Lighting Design

Good lighting is a combination of art and technology. In many ways, it defines the mood and feel of a home—bright and airy or mysterious and alluring. It’s the science of looking at a space and perceiving what it could be when the right lighting is applied.

When starting an indoor lighting design project, the most important aspect is meeting with our client first. We discuss their preferences, how they’ll use the spaces in their homes, and the feelings they want to evoke. We’ll explore the general or ambient lighting, how they spend their days, and where they perform various tasks. We’ll determine the architectural features they want to highlight and the places where task lighting is essential. 

Then we’ll explore the varying fixtures, from recessed downlights to pendants, cove lighting, and luminaires. 

Today’s smart lighting, however, offers so much more than traditional lighting design. At Phoenix Audio Video, we partner with leaders in home automation and lighting design to deliver cutting-edge technologies to our clients. In lighting, one of our partners is Lutron. In 2018, when the company acquired Ketra, it transformed the face of indoor lighting design and how we manage those lights in our homes in Westport, CT, and the surrounding areas.

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Dynamic Full-Spectrum LED Lighting

Ketra’s full-spectrum lighting offers all the colors in the visible light spectrum. That’s over 1.6 million colors of light at your disposal, which opens up a whole new realm in lighting design. Now, you can set the mood for numerous occasions with the touch of a button on an elegant in-wall keypad or an icon on a touchscreen or mobile device. 

We’ll explore the vast color options suitable for different occasions. Then, we’ll set the lighting to a preprogrammed scene. For example, if you want to relax in the evening with some lights the color of sunset and others the color of the sky at dusk, we’ll program a “Relax” scene that automatically sets the stage. We can program lighting for any activity, from entertaining to game nights and family dinners. 

Natural Indoor Lighting for Health and Vitality

This same system also offers “natural daylight.” With this programming, your lights transform throughout the day, mimicking the sun's changing light. You wake to lights the color of sunrise and experience a brighter, blue-toned light mid-day. 

By dusk, your lights have changed to the color of the setting sun, a soft amber hue. This type of lighting aligns our circadian rhythm—the body’s natural 24-hour time clock that's set by the changing light of the sun. This lighting affects hormones in our body and promotes restful sleep and enhanced energy during the day.

As you can see, lighting design has taken on a new meaning as technology advances. At Phoenix Audio Video, we provide our clients with the latest design and integrated smart home technologies that are easy to use and enhance their everyday lives.

Get the full Ketra experience at our showroom. This is your chance to test drive these advanced, tunable lights for yourself! To learn more about indoor lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Phoenix Audio Video today.