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Take Home Protection to the Next Level with Luma Surveillance

Discover 4 Features That Make Luma Surveillance a Top Choice

Take Home Protection to the Next Level with Luma Surveillance

The safety of your home and family is top priority, making home surveillance systems a worthwhile investment for stronger peace of mind. Many solutions today feature adequate picture quality, remote monitoring capability, and mobile alerts for detected motion. So, how do you know which home surveillance system is best for you?

While the answer will depend on your unique home and needs, our team trusts Luma Surveillance for homeowners who want a system that combines the benefits of top-quality professional surveillance with intuitive control. Keep reading to learn four features that make Luma Surveillance a top choice for your Greenwich, CT home and peace of mind.

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8MP Cameras with 4K Resolution

Luma’s 8MP outdoor surveillance cameras capture 3840x2160 pixels to deliver impressively crisp 4K resolution. These cameras feature larger sensors to capture more light, which improves color, contrast, performance in low-light conditions, and overall video quality. Images stay crisp and clear even when zooming in to detect details like license plate numbers and facial characteristics.

Luma cameras also feature Starlight technology, which improves nighttime performance by automatically adapting to changes in light. Even after dark, Luma cameras can provide a detailed color image, which is critical for detecting any suspicious activity at night.

Secured Local Storage

Many consumer surveillance systems store your video footage in the cloud, where you can view or download it to your device. However, this view and storage method typically requires a subscription plan for substantial use. Plus, some homeowners may be hesitant about storing data in the cloud.

Luma Surveillance puts your safety first by using reliable hard drives to store footage locally within your home. This solution allows for improved viewing quality that won’t take up your bandwidth. Store weeks and months of footage and access it whenever you want from an app across your smart devices.

Seamless Control System Integration

With home automation integration, you can access and manage all your smart home devices, including your surveillance system, from one intuitive platform. View surveillance footage, pause, fast-forward, snip video, and capture screenshots from the same interface you use to control your door locks, lights, thermostats, home audio system, and more.

Level up your home protection even more by programming smart home devices and systems to work in tandem with your surveillance system. For example, when your cameras detect motion outside, your landscape flood lights could turn on to scare away potential intruders. Easily pull up live video footage from anywhere, including your smart TV, if you’re watching a movie and hear someone at the door.

Installed by Professionals

There can be a lot of uncertainty surrounding DIY home surveillance installations. Are the cameras placed in the right locations? Is everything connected and secure? Are you getting the most out of your system? How do you troubleshoot an issue? Rather than hoping for the best, you can ensure it by choosing Luma Surveillance, which is installed exclusively by professionals.

A professional installer and integrator like Phoenix Audio Video is trained and experienced to deliver the right equipment, select optimal camera placement, run and conceal wire, integrate everything, and offer the highest-quality solution for your unique home. We also provide ongoing maintenance to keep your system healthy and troubleshoot issues for you should they arise.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with Luma Surveillance. Our team would love to discuss your home surveillance needs with you and recommend the best solution. To schedule a free consultation, call (203) 338-0706 or fill out our contact form.

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