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Elevate Your Home Entertainment with These New Sonance Solutions

Embrace the Newest Technology and Best Sound with Sonance’s Cutting-Edge Products

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with These New Sonance Solutions

When adding new technology to your home, you’ll want to embrace the newest innovation. In the audio world, Sonance is a leading brand known for its fantastic discreet speaker solutions. They are also constantly raising the bar in audio performance and finding new, inventive ways to bring you a big sound you can hear but won’t see.

Last year, Sonance announced two new product lines that will revolutionize the distributed home audio experience. Their new digital amplifiers and invisible speaker series work to provide top-of-the-line performance in a smaller, more hidden package. Keep reading to check out these new Sonance solutions and see how they can elevate entertainment in your Greenwich, CT, home. 

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Digital Amplifiers

Sonance announced the new evolution of its digital amplifiers in 2022. The 8-50 and 16-50 can support up to 200 watts of output when bridged. These slim and easy-to-use amplifiers contain more power in a smaller package for an astonishing audio performance. The 8-50 supports up to eight channels, while the 16-50 supports a whopping 16 channels. Plus, with the Bus input and pass-through feature, it’s easier than ever to link multiple amplifiers together. There’s also a subwoofer outlet to send high-powered low frequencies to a separate subwoofer for a layered audio experience.

Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance is known for its in-wall and in-ceiling architectural solutions for distributed audio, but the Invisible Series speakers take it to a whole new level. The IS speakers are equipped with Motion Flex Technology, designed to provide outstanding acoustics. The Wave Flex Drive Unit and Air Flex Woofer work together to provide hi-fi audio, where the low-, mid-, and high-frequencies are delivered in a crisp and pleasing performance.

Plus, the IS speakers deliver audio to a wider angle than other architectural solutions with almost 180-degree dispersion. That means you’ll get more sound from more discreet speakers. The IS solutions are installed directly into your wall, blending seamlessly into its surroundings. When the installation is complete, you’ll hardly be able to tell there are speakers in the wall at all. But when you queue up your favorite playlist or artist, you’ll get a smooth and clear sound that easily fills the entire room.

Sonance was already a leader in discreet audio solutions, but the IS series raises the bar from discreet to invisible. And the introduction of the 8-50 and 16-50 digital amplifiers will allow homeowners to support their distributed audio systems with fewer amplifiers while still achieving a beautiful sound.

If you want to take advantage of these new Sonance solutions or any other Sonance products, contact Phoenix Audio Video today! Our team of AV integrators can help you design the sound system of your dreams in your Greenwich, CT, home.