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4 Sonos Setup Ideas to Enjoy Hi-Fi Home Audio Your Way

For Stereo, Multiroom, Home Theater and More, Sonos Delivers

4 Sonos Setup Ideas to Enjoy Hi-Fi Home Audio Your Way

When it comes to wireless home sound systems, Sonos leads the pack. Sonos puts sound first through smart, adaptive, hi-fi speakers that wirelessly connect to create your dream audio system. Whether you want a simple stereo setup or expansive whole-home audio, the Sonos listening experience is effortless.

Because Sonos home audio systems are entirely customizable, you can build your system your way to enjoy what you want, where you want, and how you want. Read more to explore four ways you can use Sonos to build the perfect sound system for your Greenwich, CT home.

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Want rich, room-filling sound everywhere? Place a Sonos One smart speaker in every room and wirelessly connect them for whole-home sonic enjoyment. Create zones so that your kids can enjoy music upstairs while you listen to something different in the kitchen and living room. Whether you have different playlists streaming simultaneously in different zones or one album filling up the entire home, everything is easily controlled through the intuitive Sonos app.

Does your home already have architectural speakers in the walls and ceilings? With the Sonos Amp, a versatile amplifier for powering your entertainment, you can bring the Sonos experience to your existing speakers. Choose from over 50 streaming platforms or connect your turntable and other audio sources to enjoy from room to room. Accessing content and selecting where to listen is easy with the Sonos app.


Looking for smart, wireless stereo sound? Consider the Sonos Five, a high-fidelity stereo speaker for superior listening. While the Sonos Five is a 2-channel speaker on its own, you can easily pair two Fives together for more detailed stereo separation and a wider soundstage.

Like other Sonos speakers, the Five features Sonos’ proprietary Trueplay technology, which enhances the sound of your speakers regardless of where you place them. This spatially-aware technology adapts the audio you play to the acoustics of your environment so that everything sounds precisely as it should.

Home Theater

Build an immersive surround system for the home theater or media room using Sonos wireless speakers. Bring audio to life with the Sonos Arc soundbar that features Dolby Atmos for a multidimensional soundstage. Speech Enhancement technology clarifies dialogue when characters talk quietly or when action intensifies.

For powerful bass with no distortion, wirelessly pair the Sonos Arc with the Sonos Sub to expand your system. Then complete your setup with Sonos Ones as rear surrounds! The Sub takes the lowest frequencies, enhancing the midrange playback from your paired speakers so you can experience even fuller sound. For bigger entertainment environments, double the Subs and feel sound like never before.


You can also enjoy the Sonos experience in the backyard by powering your existing outdoor speakers or wall-mount Sonos Outdoor by Sonance speakers with the Sonos Amp. Create an outdoor zone as part of your whole-home audio system to extend indoor listening outside or play a different playlist on the patio than in the kitchen.

For portable listening, consider the Sonos Move, a durable, battery-powered speaker that offers balanced deep bass and high frequencies with a wide soundstage and automatic tuning through Trueplay. While Move connects to Wi-Fi like the rest of the Sonos speakers, it also features Bluetooth support when Wi-Fi isn’t within reach outdoors.

Create the home audio system of your dreams with Sonos. The audio experts at Phoenix Audio Video can help you design and install your Sonos system, whether that’s building a multiroom system that works with existing architectural speakers, connecting all your audio sources to your Sonos system through the Sonos Amp, expanding the Sonos experience to your backyard, and more.

Get started by calling (203) 338-0706 or contacting us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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