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Maintain Your Home’s Style with Hidden Speakers

Never Compromise Interior Design for Smart Technology

Maintain Your Home’s Style with Hidden Speakers

It’s a common misconception that smart home technology just doesn’t mesh well with your interior design and décor.

The reality is that nothing could be farther from the truth!  Not only can your audio video features blend well with your existing style – but they’ll also provide top-notch sound quality at all times.

With hidden speakers, you can enjoy your high-end audio in any room of your Fairfield County, CT home — without your tech hindering the design or sticking out like a sore thumb.

In this blog, we dive into how you can incorporate your concealed speakers throughout your home, and the variety of options you have when it comes to what type you’re installing.

Keep on reading below to learn more!

Top 3 Fundamental Smart Technologies for Your Conference Room

A Commercial Automation System Makes Every Meeting Run Smoothly

Top 3 Fundamental Smart Technologies for Your Conference Room

Smart technology doesn’t just bring convenience to a smart home – it can also completely transform the way you do business at your company and workplace.

An upgrade to your conference room can change how you meet with clients, help you effectively get your messages across, improve presentations, and in general boost your employees’ morale and productivity.

So, where do you start? A conference room automation system has every component you need to get the ball rolling and help every presentation go off without a single glitch.

We dive into the top three smart technologies your Westchester, NY office could benefit from and how they can help you conduct better meetings.

Keep on reading below to learn more.

Transform your Conference Room with Innovative Smart Technology

Smart Automation Brings Productivity and Efficiency to Your Company

Transform your Conference Room with Innovative Smart Technology

There’s nothing worse than a glitch or hiccup derailing a whole presentation’s vibe in front of your clients or co-workers. Having “technical issues” just doesn’t seem to cut it in the year 2018.

Now imagine your conference room functioning fluidly and smoothly – without any stresses that equipment won’t work or that you can’t operate it the way you’d like.

With conference room automation, this can be your reality in your Westchester County, NY office. You can elevate your workspace in every way!

Read on to learn about this smart system’s many features and how they benefit your boardroom.

3 of the Best Benefits to a Professional Home Theater Installation

How You Can Get the Best Performance From Your Private Theater

3 of the Best Benefits to a Professional Home Theater Installation

Perhaps you’re considering adding a home theater to your property in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

After all, there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite movie than within the comfort of your own private cinema.

Attempting a home theater installation on your own, however, can be a daunting task. How can you ensure that you will be getting optimal performance out of your theater’s technology?

The best way to get the most out of your new theater is to partner with Phoenix Audio Video. Whether you’re in Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien or beyond, we can help you build the cinema of your dreams.

How can our professional installation services enhance your new theater? Just keep reading to find out!

Why A Solid Home Network is Crucial for Smart Home Success

Set a Strong Home Networking Foundation for Your Smart Devices

Why A Solid Home Network is Crucial for Smart Home Success

Are you just starting out with smart home automation?  Before you decide which smart technology features you want for your space, you need to get the most important aspect underway first: your network.

Your home network’s stability is essential to the running of every other part of your centralized home automation system.

Below we’ll go through how your home networking is the beginning and end to how well your smart system runs in your Westchester County, NY space, and how to make sure it is set up properly.

Now You Can Golf without Limitations

Golf Simulators Give You the Best of Both Worlds

Now You Can Golf without Limitations

If you’re entertaining guests or even just searching for something different to enjoy in your own home, you don’t have to settle on just a TV or pool table to do the job.  Now you can confidently invite guests over for a round of golf in rain or shine!

With a golf simulator in your Fairfield County, CT home, nothing can keep you from enjoying a round of golf. Practice for the real deal or play with friends for hours – all in the comfort of your media room.

Read on to learn how this luxury technology can transform how you enjoy this traditional pastime.

Why Stick with Just the Basics in Your Home Theater?

Unique Trends for Your Ideal Home Cinema

Why Stick with Just the Basics in Your Home Theater?

A private home theater is the perfect addition to enhance your living space and entertainment center.  You may think that you're limited to the typical "home theater in a box" solutions, but we like to take a different approach with our home theater installations - fully customized, personalized, and unique theaters that take advantage of the latest and greatest audio/video technologies. If that idea of a home theater is more to your liking, then read on to learn about the options for your Westchester County, NY home!

How to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Curb Appeal

Keep your Connecticut house safe and well-lit this fall with a landscape lighting upgrade

How to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Curb Appeal

As we fully swing into fall, the days start to become shorter and the nights will get cooler.  Soon, your home may be indistinguishable from the pitch-black evenings.  But there’s a way to both stand out and keep your family safe.  Liven up and secure your Fairfield County home with landscape lighting, and shine amongst the others that get lost in the dark.  Read on to discover the many reasons why smart lighting control can make a bright difference to your home.

How Connected is Your Home?

It Might Be Time for Smart Home Control

How Connected is Your Home?

Have you and your family ever taken the time to count the number of devices in your home? Not just the smart ones, but every device including speakers, lights, door locks, security cameras, window blinds, and appliances. Now imagine for a moment if all of those devices could communicate, each sending you information and taking your directives. This is not the realm of science fiction, but rather the land of smart home control.

Westchester County, New York residents who want greater control over the devices in their home need not look any further than the automation experts at Phoenix Audio Video & System Integration. Over the next several months, we’ll be feature an array of articles to help you discover some of the coolest capabilities of a smart home. Read on to learn more about the basics of automation.