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Transform your Conference Room with Innovative Smart Technology

Smart Automation Brings Productivity and Efficiency to Your Company

Transform your Conference Room with Innovative Smart Technology

There’s nothing worse than a glitch or hiccup derailing a whole presentation’s vibe in front of your clients or co-workers. Having “technical issues” just doesn’t seem to cut it in the year 2018.

Now imagine your conference room functioning fluidly and smoothly – without any stresses that equipment won’t work or that you can’t operate it the way you’d like.

With conference room automation, this can be your reality in your Westchester County, NY office. You can elevate your workspace in every way!

Read on to learn about this smart system’s many features and how they benefit your boardroom.

Create the Right Atmosphere

As you or an employee get ready to present, your system can make setting up and preparing the room easier than ever.

With a simple press of a button, you can regulate and adjust the temperature with smart climate control in the room. This will make everyone comfortable and ready to go, including yourself.

Then lower the motorized shades in the room to completely cover the windows, thereby eliminating the possibility of blinding sun rays hitting your eyes, causing glares on the screen, or messing with the projector’s light.

You can also adjust the room’s entire lighting and choose how much is needed in the room, depending on what type of presentation is happening. Do people need to take notes, or is complete darkness appropriate?

Set “scenes” that automate each of these features to work all at once by pressing a button on your control device. Different scenes can work for sales presentations or brainstorming sessions that require different technologies in use.

Top-Notch Equipment for Display

Now that the room is prepped, the presentation can actually begin! And instead of fussing over the equipment or wondering if the technology will fail you, you can focus only on the presentation’s material and content.

Turning on your projector and screen and controlling its volume and brightness is all done by using one device in your hand.

Going from one slide to the next or playing a video won’t cause any interruptions as you try and figure out how to get the audio to work. Your system will work effectively and conveniently at all times, each component doing its part.

Use Only One Smart Device

Your automated conference room works so succinctly because you can operate it in its entirety from one centralized source.

Instead of using multiple remotes and plugging endless wires around, you can simply use one single tablet, smartphone, or remote.

You’ll watch your company run meetings effortlessly as technology becomes an asset instead of a hindrance – as it should be.

Want to learn how much of a positive impact conference room automation can make on your company’s meetings and presentations?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!