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Top 3 Fundamental Smart Technologies for Your Conference Room

A Commercial Automation System Makes Every Meeting Run Smoothly

Top 3 Fundamental Smart Technologies for Your Conference Room

Smart technology doesn’t just bring convenience to a smart home – it can also completely transform the way you do business at your company and workplace.

An upgrade to your conference room can change how you meet with clients, help you effectively get your messages across, improve presentations, and in general boost your employees’ morale and productivity.

So, where do you start? A conference room automation system has every component you need to get the ball rolling and help every presentation go off without a single glitch.

We dive into the top three smart technologies your Westchester, NY office could benefit from and how they can help you conduct better meetings.

Keep on reading below to learn more.


Easy-To-Use Software

Your conference room technology should never be a hassle for you and your employees to operate. Make getting ready for any type of meeting a breeze.

With integrated software and a control system that requires only using one interface to manage all of your conference room devices, you’ll never have to be afraid of technical difficulties again.

Using a smartphone, in-wall touchscreen panel, universal remote, or any type of smart device you prefer, you can hit just one button to turn on or off your entire system.

You can lower your ambient light-rejecting screen and 4K Ultra HD projector, pull up your presentation on the screen within seconds, or easily switch to a video conference or slideshow you need go over with the team.

And when you don’t have the stress of a potential technical crisis looming over every meeting, you can instead focus on getting your message across clearly and putting in your best efforts always.

Smart Lighting Control

Sometimes, the right lighting sets the ideal scene in your conference room. Using the same centralized source that controls the rest of your conference room automation system, you can effortlessly dim or brighten the room’s lights.

Is someone about to present a slideshow or show a long video clip for everyone to view? Press a button to turn down the lights, so everyone gets optimal screen brightness for viewing.

Occupancy sensors are a great addition to this feature. Once your meeting is done and everyone shuffles out of the room, it’s not uncommon for the lights to be left on accidentally.

These installed sensors can detect how long it’s been since the last person has left the room and will automatically turn off the lights when it’s been an appropriate amount of time.

Motorized Shades

There’s nothing worse than a massive glare from the sun ruining your presentation’s visual display. But windows also allow in natural lighting and a view of the outdoors, brightening the mood of your employees.

So how can you have the best of both? Motorized window treatments are the solution.

Say, for example, you’re in the middle of a speech or presentation during a time of day in which sunlight directly enters your conference room through its windows.

By featuring motorized window treatments equipped with sun sensors, shades will automatically save you from a blinding shine on the screen that would otherwise distract everyone from the content.

And if you want to take direct control back in your own hands, you can press a button on your control device to lower the shades once more when you leave the room or raise them to bask in the sun’s glow while you wait for a meeting to start.

The possibilities are endless with this feature and the other smart technologies available for your conference room.

Want to learn even more about a conference room automation system and how it can enhance your office meetings in every way?

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