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Today’s Outdoor Lighting Design Creates a Beautiful Property

Use Outdoor Lighting for Entertainment, Aesthetics, and Safety

Today’s Outdoor Lighting Design Creates a Beautiful Property

Many homeowners think of outdoor lighting as a way to expand the use of their outdoor spaces. Gathering with friends and family can extend long into the evening as lights illuminate the patio, entertainment areas, and pathways. However, today's outdoor lighting offers much more than safety and more hours enjoying the great outdoors. 

Let’s explore the many features inherent in contemporary outdoor lighting design and its benefits to homes in Greenwich, CT.

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LED Lighting

Gone are the days when our outdoor spaces were illuminated with one color temperature or hue. Today, our choices range from warm amber light that creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere to crisp, clear light in the higher Kelvin range that offers colors that simulate daylight. 

The warm light resembles the glow of candlelight and is best suited for outdoor dining areas where people gather for a shared meal and conversation. It’s also used to highlight architectural elements and water features as well as statues and stonework. 

The mid-range lighting level creates a beautiful vibrant white light that can be used for task lighting, providing a clear view around stairs and outdoor work areas. This type of lighting is also ideal for plants, offering a neutral white light that showcases the plant’s natural color. 

Today’s LED lighting is even tunable, offering all colors found in the visible light spectrum. This puts millions of colors at designers' and homeowners’ fingertips. For example, one-touch control enables you to change the lighting in the entertainment area by the pool to a teal blue while highlighting the pathways in colors the shade of amethyst. 

Creating a Masterpiece

When you look out your windows at night, what do you see? For many, their windows reflect what is happening within their homes, mirroring the darkness of the night. Others keep their shades drawn, enclosing themselves with their indoor space.

However, with the right outdoor lighting design, your outdoor area becomes a work of art framed by your windows. The proper lighting creates a sense of enchantment, with lights that appear like fireflies and globes that make floating orbs of illumination. Statues come to life, and water features glow in the darkness.

For instance, moonlighting is a technique that uses lighting placed high in trees to cast a diffused light through leaves that spreads throughout the grounds, giving the impression of moonlight. There are so many ways to use light to make your yard in the evening a visual masterpiece. 

Integrated with Home Automation

When you integrate your outdoor lighting with your home automation system, your lighting, shades, climate, entertainment, and security are controlled through one user-friendly interface. Our certified technicians can even program settings for specific occasions. For instance, tap the "Entertainment" button, and your outdoor landscape lights illuminate, the whole-home audio begins playing through your home and yard, the outdoor fire pit ignites, and the indoor lighting takes on the glow of golden candlelight. 

At Phoenix Audio Video, we’re passionate about providing our clients with the latest technology that enhances their lifestyle and home aesthetics. To learn more about today's outdoor lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Phoenix Audio Video today.