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How to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Curb Appeal

Keep your Connecticut house safe and well-lit this fall with a landscape lighting upgrade

How to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Curb Appeal

As we fully swing into fall, the days start to become shorter and the nights will get cooler.  Soon, your home may be indistinguishable from the pitch-black evenings.  But there’s a way to both stand out and keep your family safe.  Liven up and secure your Fairfield County home with landscape lighting, and shine amongst the others that get lost in the dark.  Read on to discover the many reasons why smart lighting control can make a bright difference to your home.

1. Light the Way Safely

Walking in the dark is already dangerous, but add sleet, snow, or even rain – and things get much slipperier.  The lack of visibility and lighting can make the walkway to your home a real hazard zone.  Landscape lighting can illuminate the path and ensure you make it up to your front door without missing a step.  Beyond safety when walking, a lighting system can bring needed security to your property.  The lights could be directly linked to your security system and sense if any movement or unwanted guest is nearby during the night.  If this activity occurs, an alarm can sound and immediately bring up every light around your home – scaring away potential threats.


2. Add Convenience to your Arrival

Finding the keys in your bag or unloading the trunk of the car becomes a hassle in the dark.  Don’t worry about using your phone as a flashlight; a smart lighting system will instantly lighten your surroundings.  You can set the driveway sensors to activate lights when your car pulls in, and light up specific areas around your home, so everything easily becomes visible.  Darkness will no longer be the enemy, as you conveniently navigate through it with strategic lighting.

3. Stand Out Against the Night

Besides its practical purposes, landscape lighting also greatly enriches your home’s beauty.  From every interval of the sunset to the night’s starry sky, the smart control lighting will shift and heighten the angles and architecture of your house.  Flood lights, wall sconces, and spotlights will all accentuate your home, and make sure it’s the star of the show and neighborhood.  Surprise your guests and marvel in the splendor that controlled lighting gives your estate.

Landscape lighting appeals to the eyes and your safety.  To learn more about making your home bright and brilliant, contact us at (203) 338-0706 or online through our contact page.