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Why Stick with Just the Basics in Your Home Theater?

Unique Trends for Your Ideal Home Cinema

Why Stick with Just the Basics in Your Home Theater?

A private home theater is the perfect addition to enhance your living space and entertainment center.  You may think that you're limited to the typical "home theater in a box" solutions, but we like to take a different approach with our home theater installations - fully customized, personalized, and unique theaters that take advantage of the latest and greatest audio/video technologies. If that idea of a home theater is more to your liking, then read on to learn about the options for your Westchester County, NY home!

Exciting New Home Theater Trends

We like to stay on top of what's trending in the world of home theater technologies. Here are the things that jump out to us:

  • Immersive Viewing with Wide Aspect Screens: No need to settle for the typical aspect ratio for your films. These days, more people are opting for screens that support wide aspect viewing, which can create a more immersive experience for your theater.
  • Creative Seating: Who says you have to go with the typical "home theater seating"? There are plenty of options for seating in your theater that offer the right acoustics and viewing comfort other than the traditional seating styles. Go for a comfy couch or love seats to create a more casual vibe, for example.
  • New Height Channel Technology: When talking about surround sound speakers, the exciting topic these days is height channel. Configure your speakers to quite literally achieve new heights so that sound not only comes from the sides, but also from above you.
  • Acoustic Isolation and Treatments: The most amazing speakers in the world won't do you much good if the room isn't acoustically sound. One of the home theater features we often recommend is acoustic panels that help to create the perfect environment for surround sound. It takes the sound in your theater to a whole new level - without forcing your neighbors to listen to the movie audio too! What's trending currently is unique products like isolated floor systems and perforated wood panels - unique approaches to the sound isolation problem.
  • 4K, HDR Projectors: Home theater visuals have come so far in the last decade, and just this year, we've seen major strides in visual quality for projectors. 4K Ultra HD is 4X the resolution of standard high def (1920x1080). HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) drastrically improves the contrast ratio, color depth, and brightness of the projector's visuals. If you don't have a 4K HDR projector, you're missing out.
  • Smart Control System: A smart control system makes it easy to manage all of your media right from your seat. Start your movie, adjust the volume, and dim the lights all from the same device.  With a push of a button, lower your screen for movie night, and then easily roll it back up when it's not in use. It turns a normal home theater into an effortless, immersive environment at the push of a button!


Just Your Style

The odds are likely that all of the trends listed above won't be included in your home theater installation, but the great thing about bringing in a professional company to handle the design and installation is that you have free reign to choose the aspects that are important to you. That includes the equipment, yes, but also the overall design and theme. 

You can find inspiration from the local theater, and give yours a more traditional look.  Or add décor based off specific themes and your favorite films, with special seating and decorations.  Bring in a candy counter and car-shaped seats for a drive-in setting, or put up posters of classic films to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Installing a home theater in your Westchester County area is stress-free and enjoyable when the customization is all in your hands.  This guide has some superb ideas and trends, but the options and features for your home cinema are endless.  To learn more, contact us at (203) 338-0706 or online through our contact form.

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