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Bring the immersive sound experience found in professional film and music studios to home theaters. Learn more about thistechnology!

Experience the Latest Technology in Immersive Surround Sound

Trinnov Delivers the Ultimate in High-Performance Home Theater Sound

Experience the Latest Technology in Immersive Surround Sound

Immersive sound. You’ve probably heard the term in relation to high-performance home theaters. But, what exactly does it mean? 

At Phoenix Audio Video, we create 3D audio fields that immerse the listener in a dome of sound. We do this by partnering with some of the industry leaders in audio performance. One of these is Trinnov. 

The essence of Trinnov can be found within its name: “Tri” and “Innov,” or 3D Innovation. Since 2003, they have been on the frontlines of creating technology that delivers music the way the artist and director intended. 

Immersive audio is at the basis of the company’s technology advancements. Today, Trinnov processors can be found in leading professional film and music studios and thousands of high-end movie theaters worldwide. You'll also find them in the finest home theater and stereo systems.

Let’s see what these advanced systems can do for your Fairfield, CT home.